Disability Support Pension Reform

The ‘extra hours’ reform inevitably acknowledges the growth and the need to work for people who identify has having a disability.  However, the question regarding support and flexibility must now be considered. What further training and education is needed? What support is being offered to the employer?   How flexible is this system?

Sneska Ilikj believes, “It’s not just simply assisting individuals to acquire a job, giving them a uniform and then a check list – they need to be supported so that this process is sustainable and also enjoyable. Employers also need support to do this in an efficient and professional way as without this support the incentives to hire individuals with a disability would be more negative than positive (Disability Advocate- MIDLAS).” 

The MIDLAS Disability Advocacy Service offers assistance to individuals who are seeking to either re-enter or gain additional employment. . If you are seeking more information or assistance, please call us on (08)9250 2123 or leave a message on our website: www.midlas.org.au

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