The Community Legal Centres Association of (WA) uses the following example:

…Imagine there are two potential clients, James and Sarah. James and Sarah are married. James has recently been convicted of assault and Sarah, who has suffered from domestic violence, decides to leave James. If a lawyer acted for James in the criminal case and then starts to act for Sarah in Family Court proceedings, he or she may be aware of confidential information about James that would help Sarah in the Family Court proceedings against James. This means that the lawyer cannot represent Sarah in the Family Court matter. It does not mean that the lawyer or organisation does not want to represent Sarah  – it means that they are not able to. Click here for more information…

MIDLAS is committed to ensuring that actions and decisions taken at all levels in the organisation are always informed, objective, and fair.  A conflict of interest may affect the way a person acts, decisions they make or the way they vote on group decisions.  Conducting a conflict of interest check ensures that everyone is able accessing the most suitable and fair services.  For more information about conflict of interest, please visit:

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