What is WDP?

A Work and Development Permit (WDP) allows eligible clients to reduce or even clear their outstanding court fine(s) by completing approved activities in place of paying.

A WDP may be issued by the Fines Enforcement Registry (FER) once a Notice of Intention to Enforce (Court Fine) has been issued.



You may be eligible for a WDP if you:

  • are experiencing financial hardship
  • have been or might be subjected or exposed to family violence
  • have a mental illness
  • have a disability
  • are homeless
  • are experiencing alcohol or drug use problems
  • are experiencing another type of hardship.

If you believe you are eligible, contact your MIDLAS sponsor, Amanda Ghouse, who may then be able to apply to FER to issue a WDP for you in place of you having to pay the amount owed on a court fine(s).


Approved Activities

Activity Summary Conversation Rate
Voluntary unpaid work You can take part in various activities with or on behalf of an approved organisation, including gardening, cooking, cleaning, property maintenance, assisting the elderly and administration. $50 per hour completed.*
Educational, vocational or life skills courses You can study courses in educational institutions which assist you in entering the workforce or that foster your personal, social or practical skills to assist you to function more independently in society. This may include counselling aimed at improving your financial situation, mental health or resolving your emotional or behavioural issues. $70 per hour completed.*


Details of the webinars along with the registration links:


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The ins and outs of Superannuation – 18th May from 12pm to 1pm – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/151433039297

To apply

Applications for WDP’s must be supported and submitted by the MIDLAS sponsor on your behalf. To contact Amanda you can either call on 9250 2123 or email: Amanda.ghouse@midlas.org.au