Our Financial Wellbeing Service aims to provide people with the tools and skills to be financially resilient. We do this by focusing on increasing knowledge, improving money management confidence and supporting people to change behaviours.

Our experienced Financial Counsellors provide information and capacity building through a series of face-to-face, and online workshops that we can tailor to your needs; or you can book into one of our interactive workshops:

Talking Money Workshops

A series of regular workshops designed to break those taboos around talking about money.

These workshops will allow you to develop a better understanding of your personal relationship with money and develop ideas to help you achieve your financial goals.

Spending Plan

Find out how much money is coming in and going out of your budget each week, fortnight, or month.

Learn how a spending plan can help you take control of your spending and saving.

Making Sense of Banks?

Selecting a bank account is a bit like having to choose from dozens of equally tempting choices in an ice cream shop!

While choc-chip might be flavour of the day, vanilla could be the best long-term bet. This workshop will assist you by wading through the types of accounts that banks provide and give you a better understanding of how they work.

Switched On!

Water, electricity and gas accounts are an essential part of everyday life, but how do you make sense of the bills? How do you reduce the costs?

We will equip you with tips for reducing your utility costs and saving money.

More Bang For Your Buck

Small changes and tweaking can make a big difference to your bank balance. Just making one small change with something you do on a regular basis could save you money. During this workshop, discover some hints and tricks to help you with this and overcome those habits of old.

To discuss your specific training needs, or for further information, contact our Financial Capability Coordinator  – 9250 2123