We have all seen those social media articles ‘Share this if you want to see suspended coffee available in Perth’ or ‘Retweet to support suspended coffees in WA’ – well, social media has helped make this a reality. So what is a suspended coffee? Exclude its literal meaning, a suspended coffee is an old Italian tradition where you are able to pre-purchase a coffee for someone less fortunate to collect later on. It is a ‘pay-it-forward’ act, where the purchaser will never know who/when their gift will be received, but they do know that it is helping to warm the hearts of our less fortunate in the community. The Midland Debt and Legal Advocacy Service, MIDLAS Inc, were proud to be one the many organisations who supported and mentioned this concept in one our earlier blogs and tweets. It is one of many examples of how social media can become a successful tool for generating momentum for your idea. 

So how did a concept all the way from Italy become a service available in Western Australia? Simple, it is all thanks to social media. Social media can not only introduce a service or a concept, but it can breed a sense of community involvement and allow individuals to become influential members of society. Why not have a look at our website for more information and some of our examples,

There are only a few cafés offering suspended coffees, they are:
Croissant Express Carillon Shop M7, Carillon Arcade, Murray St Mall Perth Ph:(08) 9481 4218
Shots on Lake 101 Lake Street, Northbridge Perth (08) 9228 0008
Woogi Espresso Shop 7A 26 St Georges Tce (International House) Perth (08) 9325 6199
Woogi Espresso 239 Adelaide Terrace Perth (08) 9325 6199
Barre Lounge Cafe 825 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000 (08) 9231 9941
Madlilys Espresso Shop 19 London Court Perth 0433 409 199
CNR Kitchen Corner of Lake and James St Northbridge 9228 8861

The more we can disseminate ideas, the more we can helped the vulnerable members of our society. We would love to hear more stories of how social media has helped you or your organisation. MIDLAS aims to empower disadvantaged and vulnerable people and provides free professional services and confidential information, options, referral and support so individuals can navigate barriers to achieve a better way of life. To make an appointment or find out more information visit our website: or give us a call on (08) 9250 2123.