www.staysmartonline.gov.au provides a wealth of knowledge and information on how to keep you and your family safe online.  MIDLAS encourages you to visit this site and to download the safety tips.  One of the most important aspects of online safety is the ability for you to control your privacy settings.   Your individual computer has a ‘settings’ application that allows you to change the level of security for your computer and internet use.  It is critical that you have this safety measure set up to suit your needs.  For information on how to use the privacy settings click to following link. http://www.dbcde.gov.au/easyguide/socialising_online

MIDLAS offers six free services to vulnerable and disadvantaged people living in the North East  of Perth including: financial counselling, domestic violence legal service, tenancy advocacy, disability advocacy, information and referral.  Information about these individual services and how to make an appointment are available online through our website www.midals.org.au and on the various social media platforms below.

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