Clients who attend Midlas present with a wide range of matters relating to consumer protection. This can include information on rights and responsibilities with a tenancy agreement, supporting someone to self-advocate about a service agreement they had signed or ensuring that a client feels they are able to understand and comply with a loan agreement. The Midlas team strive to ensure that clients with disability are assisted to ensure they live a quality life and awarded the same consumer rights as anyone else.

It is with great pride that I accept this award on behalf of Midlas and I would like to thank the whole of the Midlas team in all the work that they do for promoting the rights of people with disability. The staff work tirelessly to support clients, often going above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome. I would also like to thank the Midlas board and  our funding bodies that enable us to continue the work that we do. And lastly, thank you to the Department of Commerce and the judging panel for the recognition of and being chosen to win this award.

Justine Clarke

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