Rachael* was referred by her Social Worker to a Midlas Financial Counsellor. Rachael was living independently, in a mortgaged house and had not been working for a few years due to medical issues. She was receiving an income payment from Centrelink whilst she was going through an assessment to determine her fitness to return to work.

Rachael had several debts and fines and had not realised the bank had already taken legal action to recover her house.

While the Financial Counsellor looked at Rachael’s immediate financial issues, she was referred to the Midlas Disability Advocate to assist with applying for salary continuance through her superannuation. The Disability Advocate also discussed the types of supports Rachael could access if she was eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and helped her apply.

Through the support of the Midlas Financial Counsellor and Disability Advocate Rachael was able to:

  • Retain her house despite court judgment against her;
  • Gain the time needed to put her financial and medical affairs in order;
  • Receive more supports through her NDIS funding;
  • Apply for and be granted salary continuance enabled her to pay her debts and;
  • Be deemed fit to work and through this, resume normal payments on her mortgage.

Through the combined efforts of the Financial Counsellor and Disability Advocate, Rachael; was able to keep her house and return to work, which was her 2 main reasons for seeking support from Midlas.

For assistance with any issues relating to Disability Advocacy or Financial Counselling please call Midlas on 9250 2123.

*Please note: Name has been changed to protect privacy