Youth Homelessness Matters

This week is Youth Homelessness Week, and the 10th of April marks Youth Homelessness Matters Day, which is all about raising the awareness of the 26,000 young people who have no place to go or stay. The Midland Debt and Legal Advocacy Service (MIDLAS) believe that is it important to raise awareness of our youth that are sleeping rough on the streets and to those with precarious housing.

Research suggests that it is family breakdowns, domestic and family violence issues, and family unit disruptions, which are largely to blame for youth homelessness. So today, the 10th of April, make the pledge to go without your bed for the 26,000 young people who don’t have a choice. Sign up here and start tweeting #YHMD AND tag @YHMDay in your photos.

Homelessness is something that MIDLAS is well aware of and sensitive to. We understand that there are three definitions of homelessness, as described by the Australian Bureau of Statistics:
1. Primary Homelessness: 
People without conventional accommodation. This may mean ‘sleeping rough’ or squatting.
2. Secondary homelessness: 
People who move between temporary accommodation, staying with friends, family, sleeping on the couch or on the floor. This can be known as ‘couch surfing’.
3. Tertiary homelessness: 
People who do not have secure accommodation and need to stay in boarding houses, cars or caravans. If you are homeless MIDLAS may be able to help secure short and/or long term housing for you.
For more information on the tenancy services that MIDLAS offer, please have a look at our website.

So what about youth homelessness? Young people who are experiencing homelessness not only have issues ensuring their personal safety and protection, but they also find it difficult to maintain support and contact with their community, difficulty in community participation and education, difficulty keeping a job, and also face difficulty eating well (if at all, in some cases). This is why MIDLAS believes it is important to raise community awareness of this issue, it affects everyone.

Unfortunately, MIDLAS does not offer youth homelessness services. However, if you, or someone you know, are in need of supported accommodation MIDLAS recommends the following organisations:

  • Swan Emergency Accommodation – Midland.
    Ph (08) 9274 5382
  • Oasis House – Mirrabooka.
    Ph (08) 9328 1600
  • Youth Support Services – Joondalup.
    Ph (08) 9300 2677
  • Mission Australia Youth Accommodation.
    Ph (08) 9329 4480
  • St John of God Foundation – Wembley.
    Ph (08) 9383 9020
  • Perth Inner City Youth Service
    (08) 9388 2793
  • Youth Accommodation Service – Victoria Park.
    Ph (08) 9361 4118
  • Fusion Student Household Service Parent Organisation – Carlisle.
    Ph (08) 9355 1159
  • Great Mates Armadale Parent Organisation – Armadale.
    Ph (08) 9497 1351
  • Youth External Accommodation Project – Rockingham.
    Ph (08) 9527 3066

MIDLAS aims to empower disadvantaged and vulnerable people, which includes Indigenous and cultural diverse individuals, within our community who are experiencing distress by providing them with free services and confidential information, options, referral and support so they can navigate barriers to achieve a better way of life. To make an appointment or find out more information visit our website: or give us a call on 08 9250 2123.