The general State Elections are being held on Saturday 11th March 2017. The Electoral Commission have developed a new system called iVote to allow for greater accessibility for people with disability when voting. This Technology Assisted voting system uses the telephone or internet to assist people with disability in voting including people who may be blind/vision impaired or limited literacy skills.

To be able to use iVote you must register between 13 February 2017 and 10 March 2017. Once registered you will be able to start voting by 20 February 2017. The process will be:

  • You must be on the electoral roll.
  • You will need to sign a declaration to say you are eligible for iVote.
  • You will need to choose a 6 digit pin.
  • You may need to provide other evidence confirming your identity.
  • You will receive your iVote number through SMS/letter/email or phone.

To register please call 1300 64 86 83 or register online through

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