What would happen if you, or your significant other, had a workplace injury that meant they were unable to work? Would you still be able to pay your bills? Pay your mortgage or rent? Or even maintain the same quality of life? Workplace injuries and illnesses happen all the time, and the Midland Information Debt and Legal Advocacy Service, MIDLAS, are seeing more and more cases of clients coming in with huge debts because they were unable to work. So what can you do? Have you considered using your superannuation?

Did you know that under certain circumstances you can access your superannuation fund early if you are on Centrelink payments, such as the disability support pension, for more than 26 consecutive weeks? Other early release conditions include medical or dental expenses, funeral costs, mortgage foreclosures, and even palliative care expenses. Superannuation contributions have been compulsory in Australia since 1992, so if you have engaged in any kind of employment fulltime, part time or casual, you will have some superannuation somewhere. You can even locate your superannuation funds through the ATO office or the online Super Seeker ATO.

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