Are you ready to rent? Lease not being renewed? Moving areas due to work? – There is a number of reason why you need to rent. The question is do you go through a Real Estate company, with a property manager or do you rent privately through the owner of the property?

If you want to rent directly through the owner, where do you find properties to rent? Many would -be tenants are looking more and more on social media or community internet sites. Having just looked at one such community site, there is 3600 properties to rent within the Perth region, so there is a great choice out there.

The next question has to be – Are all the owners going to abide by the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA)? The short answer is no! Many do, but it is an upcoming trend that many owners are not complying with the RTA and this is causing major concerns for all parties – the tenant, the landlord and Tenancy Advocates.

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