Midlas recently tested the new Penda app – a streamlined connection point for women created by Women’s Legal Service QLD with funding from Financial Literacy Australia. It seeks to quick, easy and safe access to information on:

  • Safety
  • Money
  • Domestic and Family Violence
  • Visa & Immigration
  • Children
  • Legal Matters
  • Housing
  • Wellness

Pros: The app is well-designed, provides national and state-based referrals and best of all offers a ‘safety mode’ in which it will switch to a simple game at the tap of an icon or shake of the phone. It will also load as the game whenever the phone is unlocked and offers a PIN password option so the game, once activated, cannot be closed – even with a forced reset.

Cons: The name of the app is apparent on both its icon and the game screen and is a simple google search away from being identifiable as the safety resource it is.

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