Useful resources for families living with children with disability, chronic illness, mental health or life-threatening conditions.

When your child has a disability, illness or life-threatening condition it can be difficult to know where to start, who to talk to and where to go for help and assistance. There has been a guide developed called “There’s No Such Thing as a Silly Question: A practice guide for families living with a child with chronic illness, disability, mental illness or a life-threatening condition” which could assist.

The guide provides useful information for families in areas such as pre-diagnosis or newly diagnosed, the hospital system and tips/tricks when going into hospital, assistance/schemes available and organisations who may be able to support you and your child.

The resource was developed through contributions by Mary Butterworth from Developmental Disability WA (DDC), Leticia Grant from Kalparrin and Dr Rachel Skoss from the Telethon Institute for Kids.

The guide is available through DDC’s website to download –

Hard copies will be available later in 2018 once the decision has been finalised regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in WA. Interested parties can provide feedback for this edition by emailing

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