It was announced on December 2nd 2016 that Western Australia will be rolling out from 1 July 2017 with a state-based NDIS. The State and Commonwealth government made this decision after trialling 2 Schemes within WA – a State based WA NDIS operated through Disability Services Commission (DSC) and a federal NDIS run by the Commonwealth government.

The State and Commonwealth government are now working to ensure that the WA NDIS will be nationally consistent with the principles of NDIS/the rest of Australia.

This will include:

  • Eligibility criteria;
  • Rules surrounding ‘reasonable and necessary supports’;
  • Enabling choice and control for people with disability.

A “bilateral agreement” will be developed. This agreement will determine how the rollout will occur and to ensure that the WA NDIS aligns with the rest of Australia.

Currently this means that eligible Participants who were due to transition to Federal NDIS from 1 January 2017 will still continue to do so. These will be people with disability living in the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of – the Shire of Northam, Shire of Toodyay, Shire of York, Shire of Chittering, Town of Bassendean and City of Bayswater.

Anyone not linked with DSC/similar programs who live within the existing NDIS areas or the new LGAs can test their eligibility for the Scheme now.

An Advocate can assist if you, or someone you care about, are requiring support with:

  • Testing their eligibility;
  • Planning meetings; or
  • If they are unhappy with an NDIS decision/s.

Clients have the right to appeal decisions made by the NDIS. The first step is called an Internal Review. Midas can assist clients wanting to go through an Internal Review only in the LGAs of City of Swan, Town of Bassendean, Shire of Kalamunda, Shire of Mundaring and certain parts of City of Bayswater. If you would like some more information/assistance please call Midlas on 9250 2123 to book in with a Disability Advocate.

For more information on appeals visit:

If you live outside of these LGAs, we can assist you with limited phone advice or with a referral to an advocacy service near you if you require more intensive support.

If an Internal Review is completed and you are not happy with the outcome, Midlas can support you through an external review (through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal). You can be living anywhere in the Federal NDIS trial site to access this external review support from Midlas.

Midlas Mission: We partner with individuals and organisations to promote independence, strength and wellbeing in our community through support, advocacy and education.