law week 2013

The WA Strategic Plan for Family and Domestic Violence 2009-2013 “focuses on providing better integrated service responses to families who find themselves victims of domestic and family violence.”  One of the fundamental aims of the Plan is to strengthen community understanding and awareness that family and domestic violence is not acceptable.  Recognising the importance of this area of law, the Law Society of WA is facilitating two events during Law Week that focus on the law and justice relating to domestic violence.  Follow this link for more information about the events being held during Law Week:

MIDLAS aims to empower disadvantaged and vulnerable people within our community who are experiencing distress by providing them with free services and confidential information, options, referral and support so they can navigate barriers to achieve a better way of life. You can contact MIDLAS by visiting our contact page: and leave us a private message to book an appointment with our highly experience and dedicated legal team. If you are experiencing any form of family or domestic violence, it is vital for you to stay safe.  A downloadable version of the MIDLAS safety plan can be found by clicking on the following link: You can also make an appointment by contacting MIDLAS on 9250 2123.

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