Renting is when the owner of a house lets a tenant live in the home in exchange for money, rent. You may choose to rent because you cannot afford to buy a property yourself, or because it might suit your lifestyle better. Renting is often cheaper than purchasing as house, as you do not have to pay rates or building and structure insurance. It is important to view as many rental properties as possible, ensure they can fulfill your current needs and future needs. It is important to consider whether public transport is nearby, how far away are the shops are and most importantly, if you feel safe in the area. If you are receiving a pension, you may be eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance, and the Department of Housing bond assistance; please contact Centrelink on 13 2300 for more information regarding this matter.

  • For more information about private rentals visit the REIWA website.
  • To view current rentals are on the market please click here.


Department of Housing:
The Department of Housing (DOH) provides affordable long term accommodation to those on low incomes. Rent is generally set at 25% of your income and DOH has complexes specifically designed for over 55’s. While there are currently 20,000 people on the DOH waitlist, it is still a feasible option for those over 55. Click here for more information.

Community Housing:
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