Now that people with disability have the opportunity to take control of their disability funding, it is important for consumers to be informed of their rights when it comes to the purchasing of goods and services.

Under Australian Consumer Law, consumers are protected when purchasing goods and services to ensure that they are of an acceptable standard and as promised.

As a consumer, the services that are provided and the disability goods purchased do come with certain protections. This includes if a product is faulty/not as described, cooling off periods when signing contracts, that services are provided with due care and delivered within a reasonable time period.

The Department of Commerce have released several guides for people with disability related to their consumer rights. These guides, along with further information can be accessed at:

Information available on the website includes:

  • Your consumer rights;
  • Consumer guarantees and rights when returning goods (refunds, repairs and replacements);
  • How to make a complaint as a consumer;
  • Signing service agreements;
  • Door-to-door sales;
  • What to do when a product is unsafe.

If you would like further assistance with understanding your consumer rights or feel that you would like help exercising your consumer rights – please call Midlas on 9250 2123 and book an appointment with a Disability Advocate.

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