The Consumer Action Law Centre is calling for help as they fight to highlight the often-predatory behaviours of various Debt Management companies who charge extreme fees for little to no aid – sometimes thousands up front for nothing more than ‘trying and failing’.

These companies may offer services such as:

  • “Repairing” credit reports
  • Debt negotiation
  • Personal budgeting
  • Debt Agreements (Part IXs) – sometimes marketed as ‘Debt Consolidation’ until you sign.
  • Bankruptcy
  • And more (including enticing you into high-risk borrowing).

If you have had an experience with any paid company that offers the above, please consider speaking up  via the Consumer Action’s campaign website before the 31st August 2017. Pop in your postcode, add any personal experience or message you like and press ‘send’ to share what needs to be known with your local MP.

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