This is the Federal government model which began on 1st July 2014 and is operated within the Perth Hills area.
To be eligible for funding in the Perth Hills NDIS trial, you must be:
• Aged 0 to 65 years of age AND;
• Have a permanent disability (according to NDIS definition) AND;
• An Australian resident AND;
• Living in the trial site

Steps to accessing the NDIS
There are a variety of ways to test your eligibility, these are:
• Visit their website:
• Complete on-line checklist:
• Phone: Midland Office on 9278 9000 National Office on 1800 800 110
• Visit:78-80 Railway Parade in Midland (public entrance on Marion Street)

Two forms will be sent by the NDIA to be completed. These forms need to be returned to the NDIA by post or by taking into the Midland office:
• Access Request Form. This is for the person with a disability to complete with their personal details;
• Evidence of Disability Form. This is for doctors or specialists to complete.

If you are considered eligible and become a NDIS participant, you will be notified of an appointment with your Planner to develop an appropriate Plan. You can bring any family or additional supports to the meeting that you believe will assist you to tell your story.

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