Bill Shock

Australians have increased our data usage by over 32% within the previous 9 months leading to dramatic increases in mobile phone bills.

The Midland Information Debt & Legal Advocacy Service Inc (MIDLAS) provides a financial counselling service to residents living in both the City of Swan and Shire of Mundaring.  On a daily basis, MIDLAS financial counsellors are being confronted with high mobile phone bills.  Coupled with higher utility bills and an increase in the cost of living, MIDLAS clients are finding it harder and harder to meet the needs of their families.

Elsie Davidson, spokeswoman for The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network states; “more than half of the population has a Smartphone. The amount of data being downloaded on mobile handsets is increasing exponentially.”  The 2011 report by the TIO states there are over 29 million mobile phone subscriptions throughout Australia, outnumbering the population by 6 million: half being smart phones. “

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