Being energy efficient does not have to be a laborious process. The less water, power and gas you use, the less you have to pay every 2 to 3 months.

Although you may think you are doing everything you can to keep your energy and water bills down there are always ways to reduce them even further.

An effective way to be energy efficient is getting into a routine of checking each room and area every morning before you leave home for the day and each night before you go to bed. Using the following as a guide, to reduce the amount of energy you use each day is a good starting point;

  • Switching off at power points where possible as the only thing that needs to run 24hrs a day is a fridge and/or freezer and life-saving equipment
  • Switching off any appliances on standby as power is required for the standby light to be on and for the appliance to switch on immediately from a remote, particularly TV’s, computers and gaming stations
  • Invest in outdoor/indoor clothes hanging devices so you do not have to use your dryer or only use it at times where something needs to be dried quickly without warning.
  • Invest in a 4 minute timer that can be stuck to your shower and bath which will also lead to a reduction in power or gas depending on how your water is heated and using the half flush on your toilet instead of the full flush

There is a scheme available called the Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS).  If you are in genuine hardship, your bill is under $1750 and you meet the eligibility criteria, you can access this assistance by contacting your utility providers to request an assessment.

For more tips and ideas go to the Australian Government website

If you are experiencing difficulty managing your utility bills and need help talking to your utility providers, contact Midlas on 9250 2123 for a Financial Counselling appointment.