13/1800 number breakthrough

Many government and not for profit (NFP) organisations have 13/1800 numbers to provide valuable services to our communities.  13/1800 numbers provide life saving information and assistance to people in real crisis’ and need. People think of 13/1800 phone numbers as being free to access. They are far from free, especially when called from a mobile phone. Many mobile phone plans with ‘free calls’ exclude 13/1800 numbers. Perth satellite maps Generally people are unaware that 13/1800 numbers in Australia attract a substantially higher fee from mobile phones in comparison to fees originating from land lines.

The Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) estimates that the number of fixed-line telephone services in operation has declined dramatically over the past 5 years. (http://bit.ly/JDYaP8 ). The majority of MIDLAS clients use mobile phones.

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