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This week is WA Sexual Health Week. People tend to coin the term sexual health with connotations to safer sex, prevention of unwanted pregnancies and reminders of the importance of those regular STI checks. Whilst these important issues still have a large place on the Sexual Health Week agenda, it is important to realise that the notion of sexual health actually extends much further.

The ongoing theme for Sexual Health Week is Safety, Pleasure and Respect. This theme incorporates the above issues but also the importance of being with someone who makes you feel safe, cared for and secure and of respecting both you and your partner’s body.

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The sad fact is that too many people do not feel this way. Too many people are made to feel unsafe, threatened and unhappy by the person they are with. Domestic violence is a wide spread problem in WA and 1 in 3 women over the age of 15 have experienced domestic and family violence at some point in their lives. The MIDLAS Legal Service is dedicated to assisting the victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. MIDLAS would like to take this opportunity of Sexual Health Week to support its theme and reiterate the importance of feeling safe with and respected by your partner.

The cycle of violence can be broken with a strong sense of awareness. If you are aware of how you should be feeling and how you should be treated by your partner, you are one step closer in identifying the signs of violence and removing yourself from the situation before it becomes too late. The theme of Sexual Health Week sends out an important message of the need to feel safe, happy and secure in your relationship.

Domestic violence is not OK. Domestic violence is never justified. If you have found yourself in a domestically violent situation please do not hesitate to contact MIDLAS and make an appointment with the Legal Service. The Principal solicitor and Paralegal can provide you with the relevant information, advice, options and referrals to help you out of the situation and make the best decisions for you and your family.