Good point, nameless faceless reader! Even an unnecessary ambulance called for you by a nervous nelly can set you back over $900 and is not covered by the public system in WA. The good news is that you don’t have to get health cover to be protected! Look for ‘Ambulance Only’ cover that provides for emergency and non-emergency transport. It should only cost around $50-$80 per year, depending on the cover provider and type.

When it comes to Dental (or non-PBS medication, physiotherapy, podiatry, psychiatry or hearing aids), you may be satisfied by ‘extras only’ cover. These don’t tend to be advertised much as the big bucks for insurance companies is often in the hospital cover.  Shop around! If you expect to have a particular need, research what sort of costs you will be looking at and compare those costs to the advertised limits. There’s no point paying insurance if it will only cover 10% of an expected cost. Also pay attention to the list of exceptions – many funds may sound great on the surface but in reality only offer cover for the cheapest of procedures.

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