What sort of decisions can you appeal against?

  • Rental housing applications
  • Bond assistance
  • Priority housing assistance applications
  • Tenant liability charges
  • Property transfer applications
  • Tenant eligibility.

The decisions are reviewed by a panel who were not involved in making the original decision.

You have 12 months to appeal a decision. Anything outside this time limit and you would need to write to the Regional Manager for a decision at his or hers discretion.

What decisions can’t be appealed?

  • Decisions made by a court or have been the subject of court action
  • Decisions on the sale or purchase of the department’s assets
  • Decisions that were made or being considered by the Minister of Housing or the state Ombudsman
  • Decisions to end a fixed term tenancy
  • Strikes given under the Disruptive Behaviour Management Policy

The Regional Appeals Committee

This committee is made up of two people from the general community and an officer from the department.  You can take a friend, a family member or an advocate from a support agency to assist you at the committee hearing.

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