Bill Shock

MIDLAS financial counsellor Astrid Ferrari is concerned about the amount of large mobile phone bills current MIDLAS clients are experiencing.  “Many clients who have mobile phones and in particular smart phones are often unaware of the charges of using the internet on their phone.  Clients often express to staff that the contracts are difficult to understand and feel ill-equipped to argue their case with the telecommunication company.”

Unfortunately MIDLAS clients are not alone when it comes to experiencing cost increases in mobile phone usage.  Over 4000 complaints to the telecommunications Industry Ombudsman were made in 2011 in regards to the rise in cost of mobile phone usage (Google/Ipsos (September 2011), Australia Mobile Smartphone Consumer Study) totalling more than $113 million a year written off by the telecommunications industry due to consumer debt ( ).

MIDLAS acknowledges the problems faced by many users of their mobile phones and believes clients can put in place several measures and adopt certain practices to assist in the management of their bills.

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