Midlas provides a free legal service to assist and advise people in the areas of Family Law, Family Violence, Disability Discrimination and Criminal Injuries Compensation.

 Family Law – Children’s Issues

  • Care arrangements for the children – who the children live with and time spent with the other parent
  • Breach of Court Orders
  • Passport and travel applications
  • Recovery
  • Parenting Plans
  • Consent Orders
  • Family Court applications (and response documents)

 Family Law – Property Issues

  • Advice about the division of property following separation (defacto and married couples)
  • Consent Orders
  • Applications to Family Court of WA (and response documents)
  • Breach of Court Orders

 Family Law – Divorce

  • Advice about separation, service and the divorce process
  • Applications to the Family Court of Western Australia

Family Violence

  • Advice in relation to Family Violence
  • Finding support for victims of Family Violence through referral
  • Applications for Family Violence Restraining Orders
  • Negotiation and Conduct Agreement Orders
  • Legal representation at hearings in the Midland Magistrates Court*


*Please note that as a Community Legal Centre, legal representation in the Midland Magistrates Court is dependant upon our resources, priorities under our funding arrangements and the capacity of our legal team.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims (related to Family Violence)

  • Advice about criminal injury compensation
  • Assistance in obtaining police and medical records
  • Preparation of Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

If you need help with: Property matters, traffic accidents, a civil matter; or wills and/or enduring power of attorney. Please contact Law AccessCitizen Advice Bureau or Legal Aid 


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