Financial Counsellors

Financial Counselling, a relatively young profession provides assistance to people to better regulate their financial situation and minimise financial stress.  Financial counselling provides a platform for people living in our community to find alleviation from debt and stress through effective management strategies provided by experienced and qualified financial counsellors.

Tracy Jones, Financial Counsellor at MIDLAS comments; “We strive to seek early intervention methods for all our clients.  At MIDLAS, we provide real information to people in their time of crisis, enabling them to get back on their feet more quickly and work toward become debt free.  We encourage everybody who is experiencing hardship or debt to contact a Financial Counsellor as early as possible.  The sooner issues are dealt with, the more options there are for a positive outcome.”

The FCAWA conference will welcome the attendance of the Honourable Robyn McSweeney and The Right Honourable Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and Guest Speaker Khoa Do (former Young Australian of the Year).  The FCAWA Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 17th October at the conference and opening address will be presented by Anne Driscoll, Commissioner for Consumer Protection.

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