Leaving Home…..

Leaving Home.....











For many teenagers moving out of home is a passage into adulthood.  It’s a varied experience that can be very positive but can also at times be  very negative.   The circumstances under which someone moves out of home often determines the space they will move into.  For example, a young person experiencing secondary homelessness and or poverty will have a different experience to a teenager moving out of home under his/her own prerogative with the support of their parents.
MIDLAS is wanting to know what your experience of moving out of home has been.  At what age did you decided to move out? Were you forced out of your parents home?  Did you have a choice in the matter? Did you eventually move back home? …
Over the next few months, MDLAS will be conducting several interviews and producing a small documentary on the reality of moving out of home.  Our goal is to present a realistic view on the costs, issues, and what is exactly needed to move out of home.
If you would like to have input into this discussion please contact Craig on 9250 2123 or via our website: www.midlas.org.au  We can also be contacted though our Facebook www.facebook.com/MIDLASinc or Twitter  www.twitter.com/#!/MIDLAS1 pages.