The Disability Advocate at MIDLAS exhausted many avenues searching for grants to provide Mary with a new wheelchair. Mary was caught between the stringent policies of both State and Federal funding bodies, and it appeared that neither was able to assist. Mary’s current funding, which supplied her carer, did not have the capacity to provide a wheelchair. Further to this, any change in Mary’s funding structure meant that she could potentially lose her carer.

Eventually, the Independent Living Centre agreed to supply a grant for Mary, but their maximum payment was $5000.00 which would leave a deficit of $9,000.00. This meant our Disability Advocate was forced back to the drawing board to source the extra $9,000.00. In the end, the Community Living and Participation Grants were able to provide the remainder of the funds, and Mary received her new wheelchair.

The provision of a new wheelchair has allowed Mary to re-engage in the community. Mary is now able to leave home independently, attend her appointments, and is no longer restricted by the confines of her home. This has made a significant difference to Mary’s overall wellbeing and quality of life. If you have a similar story that you would like to share, please contact MIDLAS.

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