Centrelink continues to encourage customers to utilise their online services, linking payment options, customer inquiries and employment opportunities all under one convenient ‘eportal.’

However, many Australians have minimal understanding and competencies in using and managing their ‘digital life.’  *Margaret* contacted MIDLAS to assist her with the financial stress her family were currently under.  She had amassed a large debt with her utility companies and car repayments had became too difficult to manage on her own.  Coupled with a high weekly rental bill, Margaret was drowning in the sea of debt that was causing great anxiety and stress on her and her children.

Even though Margaret had been shown how to access the Centrelink website, online banking account, etc, she did not feel confident to use these technologies and ended up feeling disillusioned by the experience, feeling she could only contact her bank and property manager online.  This resulted in Margaret ‘giving up’ and leaving her debt to pile up to an unmanageable level.

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