The Midlas Disability Advocacy Service provides individual advocacy for persons with a disability. Midlas disability advocates provide information, advocacy, options and support to disadvantaged and vulnerable people, having regard to their rights, including access to services, discrimination, alleged abuse and neglect.

Midlas disability advocates may provide general assistance with such things as letter writing and phone calls for those in need or provide advocacy on behalf of clients for home care, Centrelink, employment and training.

Midlas disability advocates can also represent clients and submit applications to the State Administrative Tribunal when appealing a decision that has adversely affected the interests of an individual.

As a holistic organisation, Midlas disability advocates have immediate access to the specialist advocates working in the Financial, Legal (Domestic Violence) and Tenancy Services. This service is funded by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Service and Indigenous Affairs.


Midlas Disability Advocacy Service is funded by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.


To be eligible for the Midlas Disability Service clients who have a disability need to reside in: the City of Swan, Shire of Mundaring, Town of Bassendean or the Shire of Kalamunda.

Alternative Formats

Midlas makes all documents available in multiple alternative formats and important forms are provided in Easy English versions where appropriate. Please call us on (08) 9250 2123 to discuss your needs.

Original Documents

You will need to bring your original documents, bills, bank statements etc. to the interview and we will take a copy. We do not keep any of your original documents on site. Please refer to our Client Service Charter


Home and Health Modifications

Often people are faced with the realisation that their current living conditions are not appropriate for their medical condition. If you are experiencing difficulties with the layout and functionality of your house, Midlas staff can help you apply for funding to have your home modified to allow you to live more comfortably and conveniently.


Changes to welfare support may lead to more people with disabilities re-entering the workforce, many for the first time. If you need support to choose the right provider, to up-skill yourself or to lodge a complaint about abuse or neglect in the workplace, Midlas can help you.

Form and Application Completion

If you are struggling to complete a form, or even to understand what your letter states, make an appointment with a Midlas staff member to assist you with this. Our highly trained advocates can provide you with assistance to complete applications for many issues including; equipment grants, housing grants, utility grants, and general applications.

State Administration Tribunal Representation

The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) in Western Australia deals with a broad range of administrative, commercial and personal matters. These matters span human rights, vocational regulation, commercial and civil disputes, and development and resources issues.

The Tribunal is the primary place for the review of decisions made by Government agencies, public officials and local governments. It also makes a wide variety of original decisions. Midlas staff can assist you with applications to the SAT, as well as accompanying you to the SAT to speak on your behalf or simply be there with you as moral support.


If you find that your accommodation does not suit your needs, or you are in a non-supported environment, Midlas disability advocates are available to assist you to find, and to arrange funding options for you to access better care and accommodation.

Young people with a disability who are looking to move out of their parent’s home need to find suitable and supportive accommodation. Midlas disability advocates can provide options and referrals to appropriate agencies.

Discrimination, Abuse & Neglect

Many people with a disability find themselves discriminated against in one form or another. If you are experiencing difficulties; at home, in the workplace, with another agency or with a government agency, make an appointment with Midlas and speak to our disability advocates. If you are experiencing any kind of verbal, physical, sexual or any other type of abuse you need to know that there is help available for you. If you or someone you know who has a disability is experiencing abuse, contact the police immediately. For assistance and support please also call Midlas on (08) 9250 2123 to make an appointment with a disability advocate.



If you feel overwhelmed and would like help in effectively comminicating with government and non-government organisations, a Midlas disability advocate may be able to advocate on your behalf to communicate your situation effectively to achieve the best possible outcome.


Negotiation is the art of friendly persuasion. If you are having difficulties with government or non-government departments and agencies, Midlas can assist you with negotiating on your behalf. If your issue requires mediation (or meeting with the other party to come to an agreement), Midlas staff can provide assistance in this matter.


If you are needing to attend the State Administrative Tribunal, the Family Court, hearings, mediation, settlement hearings, etc, Midlas staff can assist you by providing support to assist you with these matters. Midlas disability advocates are not lawyers, hence we cannot provide legal advice to you. The service we offer is one of options and referral only. We can also provide advocacy options. Only Midlas lawyers can provide legal advice.

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