Some owners do not know, or do not understand the RTA. They happily place tenants into the property without having a tenancy agreement signed, lodging the bond, ensuring the property is given to the tenants in an acceptable state, completing maintenance in a timely manner and allowing tenants privacy. Not knowing or not understanding the RTA is no excuse and there is extremely large penalties for landlords not complying with the RTA.

Unfortunately there is a small majority of landlords who know exactly what the RTA requires from both parties but choose not to abide by it, usually for their own gain. They may require more than the allowable bond (4 weeks), then they may not lodge it at the Bond Board, they may charge more than 2 weeks rent in advance, the property may not be an acceptable standard when you commence the tenancy, and an entry property inspection may not be completed. Then when the tenancy ends, the landlord may justify keeping the bond because the property is not clean or maintained, there may be damages that they are claiming, that were actually there when you moved in.

If you are renting or looking to rent, it is recommended that you go through a reputable Real Estate company. The property managers will manage the property for the owner, and comply with the RTA, all forms will be competed, the bond will be lodged, property inspections will be held regularly (yes you can be present for these) and they will ensure that maintenance is completed. When the tenancy ends and if you’ve maintained the property and always paid the rent on time, they will return your bond, plus many will give you a reference for futures tenancies.

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