Craig McAllister- MIDLAS Media Manager

BA. Theology. Dip Community Services. Completing Masters in Project Management.

Currently employed as MIDLAS Media Manager for MIDLAS Media (the social enterprise arm of MIDLAS). Having developed and managed an interactive online service delivery tool to allow the most disadvantaged people in our community to access MIDLAS’ services to achieve a better way of life.

Through the use of social media, MIDLAS has positioned itself as the  preeminent provider of social media to the not-for-profit industry throughout Western Australia, leading the way through innovation to prevent domestic violence, poverty, homelessness and discrimination so people can enjoy a better life.  It is our belief that through an innovative approach to service delivery and information dissemination through social media, we are moving towards self empowerment for the most disadvantaged and underprivileged members of our community.

Craig’s professional background provides experience and expertise for the not-for profit sector of WA on effectively engaging in online communication.  Previous employment opportunities have included; musician and production manager, Disability Advocate, Youth services manager and social media manager.

Up until recently, the social service sector has lagged behind when it comes to engaging online. MIDLAS Media is dedicated to becoming an inspiration to innovate.  Let social media transform how your organisation; meets its strategic objectives through an integrated communication strategy.

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Craig McAllister MIDLAS Media Manager 
Lauren Bastian MIDLAS Media Officer


Lauren Bastian- MIDLAS Media Officer

BA. Social Science. Cert IV Service Coordination.

Lauren has recently joined the social enterprise of MIDLAS, Midlas Media, as the relationships officer. With a background in the community sector services, including aged and disability care, as well as social policy and not-for-profit advocacy.

Lauren believes that social media is integral to an organisations sustainability, especially in the community sector. With knowledge of social media, we strive to empower the community sector to join us in using social media as a means of distributing information and assisting the vulnerable members of our community to access available  material.

Social media, whether it is a blog or a video, is available when your office is closed for business – it has no time limits or restrictions, it is a free service that is available to everyone at any time. Can your organisation offer the same opportunities, 24/7? MIDLAS Media can provide your organisation with the training and opportunities to access this market base, as well as empowering your clients.

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