Midlas is a not for profit, Public Benevolent Institution with tax concessions that include: GST Concession, FBT Exemption and Income Tax Exemption. It is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient and is registered as a community legal centre with the National Association of Community Legal Centres. It is governed by an elected Board of at least five members and no more than ten including: – Chair person – Vice Chair Person – Treasurer – Secretary.   The day to day management of the organisation is delegated to the General Manager. The Midlas board is comprised of individuals with a range of skills, knowledge and experience. The board has provided effective and efficient management to ensure the overall strength of the organisation. Midlas offers thanks to these dedicated volunteers who have proved committed to guiding the strategic direction of Midlas. The board has ensured that Midlas is provided with every opportunity to reach its organisational goals. The Board meets monthly. 

Midlas Policy and Procedures follow the National Community Legal Centre guideline and comply with national not-for-profit accreditation. All Midlas Policies and Procedures are scrutinised by our Principal Solicitor, with final approval from the Midlas Board. For information on Midlas Policy and Procedures, please contact our office on (08) 9250 2123 or email.

Inclusion specific Policies and Procedures

The following are Midlas Policies in relation to discrimination and inclusion:

– Client Privacy Policy 2015 – Download document

– Midlas Disability access and Inclusion Plan – Download document